Travel Tips
Make sure your passport does not expire within six months of your date of travel. Some countries insist that your passport be valid for at least a six-month time period.
Place an envelope in one of your checked bags containing copies of your passport, birth certificate and a back up form of photo I.D. in case your passport is lost or stolen.
Place a copy of the detailed itinerary of your trip inside each piece of luggage. If your luggage is lost, this will help the airline locate you while you're travelling.
If you are on Medicare and travelling outside the United States, be aware that Medicare does not cover any of your medical bills abroad. It's a good idea to get a travel protection policy that will cover these costs.
Plan at least a day or two after your return home before scheduling any commitments; you may be tired after your journey.

Do Not Forget
Stow away some antibacterial wipes-they're a convenient way to clean up on the go.
Bring a voltage converter with you, along with an adapter (to fit electrical plugs into foreign outlets). Note that some adapter kits don't include converters.
Pack an extra pair of prescription glasses or contacts in case they are lost or broken.
Comfortable, broken-in walking shoes are a must. Never pack new shoes.
Wrap a long strip of duct tape around a pencil and bring it along for the ride. Duct tape is the magic fix for everything from torn suitcases to a broken sandal strap.