Custom Luxe Tours
A la carte Singapore business and leisure.
Discover the beauty and history of Singapore with your own personal licensed concierge.

We invite you to allow us to customize your tourism experience to suit your interests and needs. Singaporeans have built-in sense of pride and style. Our designer tours follow that heritage. We will show you the natural and architectural delights in every corner of Singapore. Contact us to know of our pre-designed and customized escorted itineraries that offer unique explorations of what this beautiful island has to offer.

A scenic and comfortable package will be arranged for you to maximize your vacation. You will have the opportunity to visit and explore some of the beautiful and historical sights, and enjoy our informative commentary on your very own excursion in Singapore, avoiding large tour groups and getting out of the beaten path when possible. In addition, you will experience authentic Singaporean cuisine, and sample some of world's fine wines. Singaporeans are blessed to live in a spectacular and culturally rich country and, thanks to our consultants, you will be able to share in many of its pleasures.

Having a private driver and guide allows you to discover Singapore the exact way you want to, and at a pace that corresponds to your needs. The guide not only takes care of directions and getting around, but also introduces you to little known places, hidden treasures - a unique and genuine tourism experience that group tours are unable to offer. Your exclusive custom tour will be worth every cent of it. Visitors are attracted by the sheer volume of history enclosed within the Archipelago Peninsula. And let's not forget Asian food; eating is a passion for Singaporeans and they happily talk about food all the time.